Carla Sá Fernandes

Genuine and Unpretentious... my art it's me, my heart, my soul, pure emotion...

I don't remember when my passion for art began. As far as I can remember I always loved art. Guess I have always been an artist. My grandfather was an artist and I used to spend lots of time with him when I was a child. Seeing him create, sharing and participating in his magic world - "our" magic world, are some of my best memories. Since then, I never stopped creating art throughout my life.

Carla Sá Fernandes (b 1971) is an internationally collected Portuguese visual artist, best known for her colorful and emotional large-scale paintings, although she also works in new media, sculpture, photography, and other. She embraces all kinds of materials, techniques, tools and technology to create her vibrant artworks.  Her authentic approach to depicting her experiences and emotions onto canvas are elicited by her spontaneous brush strokes and vibrant color scheme.

She worked as a full time chemical engineer and a part-time artist, before deciding to become a full time professional artist, more than a decade ago, exhibiting national and internationally and participating with several galleries and corporations.

Although she had a practical painting course from the College of Fine Arts of Oporto University, Portugal, she still considers herself a self-taught artist.

Carla Sá Fernandes artworks can be found at brick and mortar and online art galleries and as NFT.

Her works are collected worldwide, in more than 40 countries to date. Her large collector’s list includes the prestigious Louis Vuitton, World of Women (NFT), several hotels and companies, among others.

She was considered an “all time Best Selling Painter" (2020) and “Top Seller”, at Saatchi Art (regularly since 2018) and “Top 5 artists to invest" (2017) and “Best Selling Artist” (regularly since 2015), at Artfinder and she is also a "Bestseller Artist" at Singulart.

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